We have beer available for delivery and appreciate your support! Our bartenders are now our drivers, and they still appreciate tips for good service to our 10 mile delivery area. Interested in a keg? We can do that too! Just call the brewery to see what is available and to arrange delivery.

You can start your order using the ARRYVED app (scan the QR code to download).

- Deliveries within 5 miles will have a fee of $5
- Deliveries within 10 miles will have a fee of $10
- For each $50 in your order, we will waive $5 worth of delivery fee

- You live 8 miles away and spend $60, then $5 of your $10 delivery fee is waived
- You live 4 miles away and spend $60, then ALL $5 of your $5 delivery fee is waived(!)

*Please note that name and birthday will be verified at time of delivery, and must match the order (the state is making us keep a record of this information for all deliveries)

Customer Steps for Delivery

  1. Fill out your address below to see if we can deliver to you (10 mile radius)
  2. Download the ARRYVED App to your phone. ARRYVED allows you to start and close a tab, but not order items, we will do that in step #3. Register your card with the app and select Living the Dream Brewing. Then start a tab.
  3. Fill out the online order sheet on this website with all the information requested. Please keep in mind, the state is requiring us to keep a record of all deliveries.
  4. We will reach out to confirm delivery and give an estimated time for your delivery by either phone or email.
  5. While your delivery is on its way, your tab will show up on your Arryved app. You can go ahead and close the tab.
  6. When we arrive with your delivery, we just need to veryify the ID.
  7. Enjoy your delivery of Living the Dream beer!
If you you have issues with the ARRYVED app, reach out to us and we can help you out. Any questions, just give call or text to our order hotline 720-449-2399 or email at orders@livingthedreambrewing.com. We are here to help! Check your delivery eligibilty below.

Check your delivery eligibility:

(sorry, only Colorado deliveries)